Years of dedicated research has resulted
in an advanced water technology which is shaping a better future
for millions of people.

At its core, our systems use the latest and most advanced British nanotechnology, which is the science of working with atoms and molecules. By using NanoCarb filter cartridges, water gets filtered down to a microscopic 15 nanometers, a significant point to note as the smallest virus is 20 nanometers. Our technology stops bacteria and virus from passing through. What’s left behind is clean, sterile drinking water. Our products are designed to run without electricity for a “plug in and flow” solution. This is a simple but effective solution that works even in the most remote areas. To date, H2Go has provided access to clean drinking water to more than 1.5 million people in the ASEAN region.

H2Go is an organisation with a long history of providing clean drinking water to remote and rural communities where the usual means of piping and infrastructure are not feasible. Using 21st- century technology, we provide an answer to the timeless problem of safe drinking water provision. The Systems we supply provide long term immediate availability of safe water without the need for even electricity to be present. In daily use by over 1.7 million people around the world, H2Go Technology is changing the lives of people by providing clean water at the turn of the tap in seconds, rather than hours. This means higher water consumption per capita, more expendable time of the recipients, zero water born illness, higher school attendance rates for children and other long-term health benefits. H2Go Technology is cutting edge and “Proven, not Promised”.

Ending water poverty is an achievable goal.

Drinking water is a basic human right. At H2Go, we are committed to eradicating water poverty.
Globally, over 1 billion people do not have access to clean and safe drinking water.

We have the solution.



Our H2GO Solutions

H2GO Africa offers 3 types of solutions to fit your needs, from a handy water bottle, a larger carrycan to the large R1 which can provide clean drinking water to an entire community.


H2GO R1: The Communal Solution




The turn of a tap transforms even the most contaminated water into sterile drinking water.

The H2GO R1 is a combined filtration and storage system incorporating a large NanoCarb™ filter cartridge behind each tap. It is designed to take in water from rainfall or gravity fed supply such as streams. The R1 stores up to 2,000 litres with a maximum filtration capacity of 2,000,000 litres of water; enough to provide a village of 200 people with continuous safe and sterile drinking water for up to 3 years. All H2GO systems run without the need for external power of any kind and do not use any chemicals. All of that for less than USD 1cent per liter!

The H2GO R1 is a communal system that provides an instant and long-term solution to the provision of safe water in remote rural areas, often positioned outside community centers or schools.

Installation on site takes less than a day and service intervals are as far apart as 24-36 months. No consumables are used during the operation of the H2GO R1, so there is no need for local training. Service engineers visit at month 36, replace the large filter cartridges and the large filtration cartridges and the system is ready to go for the next three years.


Main Body Construction : UV resistant Durable Plastic Body, Galvanised Steel Base.

Storage Capacity : 2,000ltrs (528 Gallons)

Production Capacity : 2,000,000ltrs (528,000 Gallons)

Flow Rate : Up to 16ltrs per minute.

Filtration Level : Log 7 reduction of all Bacteria (Log 5 Virus removal)

Nano Filter Physical Pore size : 15nm NanoCarb™

Activated Carbon layer : Yes

Service Interval : Up to Three Years




Convenient handling for efficient delivery of sterile drinking water.

The Carrycan can is developed as a robust and versatile filtration device for in home remote worker use. The system incorporates a multitude of handles allowing the unit to be carried easily over the shoulder when empty and comfortably by your side like a suitcase when full. The Patented “Multi Grab” design also allows the unit to be transported between two people very easily if the weight of 20 litres of water is too much for one to carry alone. The unit can produce 40,000 litres of clean water without parts or maintenance; sufficient for a family of 5 for up to 3 years before requiring a filter change.

The unit uses the same H2GO technology as every other product in the series.

The H2GO Carry Can’s technology allows it to be the fastest unpowered portable water filter in the world. High flow rate means ease of use, and ease of use facilitates long term usage by the recipient.


Main Body Construction : Food Grade Plastic Body.

Storage Capacity : 20ltrs (5.28 Gallons)

Production Capacity : 40,000ltrs (10,567 Gallons)

Flow Rate : Up to 4ltrs per minute.

Filtration Level : Log 7 reduction of all Bacteria (Log 5 Virus removal)

Nano Filter Physical Pore size :15nm

NanoCarb™ Activated Carbon layer : Additional

Service Interval : Up to Three Years




Affordable individual water technology to save lives quickly and efficiently.

Supplied at a very low cost, the Bottle is designed for rapid large scale distribution and yet as with all H2GO products, it uses the very same nano filtration technology as our other systems. Deploying 2,000 of them to a rural school for example, will take less than an hour and instantly provide all the children with a safe supply of clean water throughout their school days. This will reduce the impact upon their education caused currently due to water related illness.

The Bottle is also robust enough to be used in natural disaster scenarios where safe water supply cannot be relied upon. These Bottles are small and light enough to be dropped from an aircraft into inaccessible areas meaning those effected by the disaster are able to gather their own safe water quickly and easily, allowing them to concentrate upon rescue and rebuilding. When deployed by Aid organisations, the use of the these Bottles hugely reduces logistical overheads caused by traditionally shipping clean water.


Main Body Construction : Food Grade Plastic Body.

Storage Capacity : 1 ltr (0.264 Gallons)

Production Capacity : 1,000 ltrs (264 Gallons)

Flow Rate : Up to 1 ltrs per minute.

Filtration Level : Log 7 reduction of all Bacteria (Log 5 Virus removal)

Nano Filter Physical Pore size :15nm

NanoCarb™ Activated Carbon layer : Additional




We have everything it takes to turn this tragedy around and change the statistics.

Let’s work together to make this possibility a reality!


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